David Silverstein

Musician • Audio Engineer • Producer


David Silverstein began engineering at the age of 14 when he purchased a Fostex four track cassette recorder. From then on he was enamored with the recording process and began not only recording his own music but also the music of friends and local bands. It wasn't long before people started asking to work with him due to his fun demeanor and ability to get exactly what his clients are looking for.

After high school he enrolled at Five Towns College where he graduated with a Bachelors of Professional Studies in Business with a concentration in Audio Recording Technology. He has worked under renowned engineers and producers Jim Sabella (Marcy Playground, Nine Days, and Public Enemy) and Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Spacehog, The Ramones and The Lemonheads).

David currently works out of Sabella Studios in Roslyn, NY. In addition to engineering, David plays the guitar, bass, piano, and drums, and also writes about audio production on his website Audio Hertz.